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Re: Releasing Free Software

On Wed, Nov 08, 2000 at 10:38:06AM -0800, Clark Rawlins wrote:
> I am developing a software package that does some raster image 
> manipulations.  That part isn't important.  I work for a company
> that required me to sign a document that gives them the right
> to any IP that I develop while I am employed here.  My boss
> is willing to let me distribute the software (I will license it
> under the GPL) but I wish to have a written document that he 
> can sign to protect me from any future problems.  
> I saw something like this on either the fsf or the GPL site but
> I can't find it now.  Does anyone have a form document I could use
> in the US (California) to accomplish this?

If you're using the GNU GPL, I strongly suggest contacting the Free
Software Foundation directly.  They have a lot more experience with issues
like this than Debian does.  More to the point, they have connections with
actual copyright/intellectual property attorneys so that you stand a better
chance of getting a legally-correct document.

AFAIK, Debian doesn't have any lawyers on retainer or an agreement with
anyone to do pro-bono work for us.  I think there are, or have been, one or
two lawyers admitted to their state Bar Associations on this list, as well
as one or two more law students.  Then there are the handful of armchair
solicitors like myself who are always getting it wrong with unshakable
conviction. :)

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