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Re: Steelblue license

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Raul Miller wrote:

> In principle, this gives them the right to restrict use.  However,
> since restrictions on use contradict federal copyright law, I'm dubious.

So you think this portion of UCITA might be unenforceable in general then?

> >   c.  Upon distribution, the source code of all modifications to the
> >       Program must be made available free of charge to TCG as
> >       specified on the Web page at
> >       http://www.steelblue.com/modifications/ .
> Since this is subject to change, and since we can't guarantee that
> everyone who has access to the source can check this URL, I'm queasy
> about saying this meets DFSG.

So you're saying that this violates DFSG on grounds of the license not
being distributed with the program. :}

Hm.  Well, I can't really dispute that, unless TCG could be made to agree
to change it so that these terms were made part of the license rather than
located on a URL.

> > 5.  TERMINATION.  In the event of any default or failure of User to
> This makes 4.c., above, particularly nasty.

I still don't see the problem with this clause...

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