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Re: Steelblue license

On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 01:32:55PM -0500, Jeffry Smith wrote:
> 5.  Governed under Maryland law (UCITA) (although it makes sense as a 
> Maryland corp, but it is UCITA).

In principle, this gives them the right to restrict use.  However,
since restrictions on use contradict federal copyright law, I'm dubious.

I'm also dubious about what this means in the international context.
[What happens if Maryland UCITA contradicts copyright law of foreign
government.  My guess is that the UCITA just wouldn't apply, which
makes this a non-issue for DFSG purposes.]

>   c.  Upon distribution, the source code of all modifications to the
>       Program must be made available free of charge to TCG as
>       specified on the Web page at
>       http://www.steelblue.com/modifications/ .

Since this is subject to change, and since we can't guarantee that
everyone who has access to the source can check this URL, I'm queasy
about saying this meets DFSG.

> 5.  TERMINATION.  In the event of any default or failure of User to
>     abide by the terms hereof, this license may be revoked by TCG
>     without prior notice and all rights granted hereunder rescinded.
>     In the event of such revocation, the Program and all copies
>     thereof however stored and on all media, temporary and permanent,
>     shall be returned to TCG or destroyed or otherwise disabled by
>     User.  Upon request User shall provide sufficient evidence of
>     compliance said obligation.

This makes 4.c., above, particularly nasty.


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