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Re: Another free IMAPD?

Scripsit Peter S Galbraith
> Henning Makholm wrote:
> > Scripsit Peter S Galbraith
> > > Colin Watson wrote:

> > > > the Cyrus licence seeks to restrict commercial use to let them make more
> > > > money. The intents aren't really that similar.

> > > They don't want to limit commercial _use_, they want to limit
> > > commercially sold derived products

> > And by wanting to limit commercially sold derived products, they fail
> > DFSG #1. Freedom of software also means the freedom to sell.

> But not sell closed-close.  You missed my point.

I did not miss it. I pointed out that you were wrong.

> > Their exceptions are not limited to closed-source deriviates.

> But it could be.

Hypothetically it could, yes. In fact it isn't.

> Permitting the sale of GPLed derived products

That is not what they are doing. The statement of intentions that were
quoted earlier in this thread said that they want to prevent people from
selling deriviative works, period. Nothing about closed-source.

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