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Re: Another free IMAPD?

Henning Makholm wrote:

> Scripsit Peter S Galbraith
> > Colin Watson wrote:
> > > >acording to one of their lawyers... their intents match the GNU GPL....
> > > the Cyrus licence seeks to restrict commercial use to let them make more
> > > money. The intents aren't really that similar.
> > They don't want to limit commercial _use_, they want to limit
> > commercially sold derived products
> And by wanting to limit commercially sold derived products, they fail
> DFSG #1. Freedom of software also means the freedom to sell.

But not sell closed-close.  You missed my point.

> > So GPL for everybody, and those that want to make derived
> > closed-sourced products can seek another licensing agreement.
> Their exceptions are not limited to closed-source deriviates.

But it could be.  Permitting the sale of GPLed derived products
won't take away their revenue stream from those who want to sell
a closed-source derived product.

As I said... GPL it for everyone, and those that want to use it
for a closed-sourced commercial application will pay for a
different license agreement.


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