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Another free IMAPD?

RMS asked about other free-software IMAP servers. Cyrus isn't one, but
acording to one of their lawyers... their intents match the GNU GPL....
I had this conversation a while ago....

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Let me clarify the intent behind CMU's Cyrus copyright.

It is NOT Carnegie Mellon's intent to require a license agreement
with ISPs or others offering similar services, who are simply using
the Cyrus code base as the foundation for the mail service, which=20
they are providing to their customers.

A license would be required if you are, or plan on selling a product
which uses or is based on, in whole or in part, the Cyrus code base.
This includes hardware and/or software. If you do wish to sell a product
which is based on, in whole or in part, the Cyrus code base, we have two
very reasonable licensing options for this purpose. I would be glad to
explain those to you if this is of interest.

I hope this clears up your question. Please feel free to contact me
via e-mail if there is any way I can be of service.

Best Regards,



Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 15:13:14 -0300
From: Nicol=E1s Lichtmaier <nick@technisys.com.ar>
Subject: Cyrus' license
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It's not clear for me if the Cyrus server can be used by a normal ISP.
The stated intent of the license doesn't match with the license itself!

Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and its
documentation is hereby granted for non-commercial purposes only
provided that this copyright notice appears in all copies and in
supporting documentation.

Permission is also granted to Internet Service Providers and others
entities to use the software for internal purposes.

The "intent" of the license is:

The intent is to promote the free use of the Cyrus IMAP server software
but require a license if one takes the
code and sells it as part of a mail server package.

It's the normal operation of a normal ISP an internal use?

If you want just to restrict the server use in another products, a well
known license as the GNU GPL mat feel your needs better. It restrict
what you want and you won't need to explain it to anybody...


Nicol=E1s Lichtmaier.-
Technisys Inform=E1tica S.A.

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