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Re: IMAPD license problem

    However, since the language of this license appears to have been borrowed
    from the original MIT/X Consortium license, perhaps the people who wrote it
    could be tracked down to offer their opinion.

We got lots of people on record saying they believe this license means
what we always thought it means.  That is part of why our lawyer says
we would have a good chance to win a lawsuit.  But a good chance doesn't
equal a victory in the pocket.

    > I believe she is the boss of the maintainer of IMAPD.  So I expect she
    > has read the license and is making an authoritative statement.  If you
    > would like to double-check some of these points, the best way is to
    > ask her.

    Did she claim to be an attorney, and/or conversant with contract law in the
    state of Washington?  Non-lawyers will say all sorts of outrageous things
    without the slightest statutory support.

She is not, but the U of W lawyers took the same position on this
issue with respect to PINE.

I appreciate that you would like to find a simple reason to dismiss
the issue, but we already looked long and hard.  There isn't one.

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