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Re: Gibraltar

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From: "Rene Mayrhofer" <rene.mayrhofer@vianova.at>
To: "Mark Rafn" <dagon@dagon.net>
Cc: <debian-legal@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2000 1:38 AM
Subject: Re: Gibraltar

> I want to produce free, GPLed software that can be used to build embedded
> firewall systems (a whole system on a CD-ROM is kind of embedded), but I
> some income to be able to do so. At the moment, I am trying to make money
> selling pre-configured CD-ROMs that contain everything needed to build a
> / firewall. As a service to home users I really want to provide the latest
> versions for *free as in beer* download.

You will probably get your income if you do not put restrictions on
redistribution of your software. If people like your program. they will give
you money for the further development of it.

> Could somebody answer these last questions please ? I really do not want
> conflict with Debian's licenses. If I have no chance to distribute ISO
> for free but with restrictions for commercially selling them, then I can
> afford to publish them. I would have to take the ISO images off my server
> would only be able to publish the software packages I write for
> such systems (under the GPL). But that would be of no use to the users,
> packages will only help experts building embedded systems.
How can you know by now if you could not afford that?


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