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Fwd: Libranet (Debian derivate) requires $10 membership

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>Hi Bruce,
>Just stumbled upon this :
>---> Quote from 
>wnload.html <---
>This download is provided 
>free to members of 
>If, after installing Libranet, 
>you decide to keep it, then 
>you must
>become a member.
>[ ... ]
>You become a part of the 
>rapidly growing Libranet 
>community. The cost
>of membership is only 
>us$10.00. A real bargain.
>---> End quote <----
>Isn't this a huge violation of 
>the GPL ??
>Best regards,
>David Jack Olrik 
>GnuPG key C290 0A4A 0CCC 
>CBA8 2B37 E18D 01D2 F6EF 
>2E61 9894
>[ GNU Software: 'The source 
>will be with you ... Always!' ]

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