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Re: Don't know if it can help...

Thibaut Cousin <cousin@in2p3.fr> wrote:
> >> As far as I cant tell this isn't a legal issue. If QT is
> >> distributed as part of a (Linux) distribution then the GPL grants
> >> an exception to allow redistribution of GPLed code linked with QT.
> >> (See the special exception part of clause 3 of the GPL). So it can
> >> be legal to redistribute GPLed apps linked to QT even if the QPL is
> >> incompatible with the GPL.

On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 at 02:53:57PM +0100, Colin Watson wrote: > An old
argument, and that's a *very* liberal reading of the GPL (and not >
the FSF's reading, incidentally, and they wrote the thing).

Actually, that's a valid reading of the GPL -- as long as the people
shipping KDE are not the same as the ones shipping Qt.

So, it could be argued that third parties can distribute KDE for Debian,
if Debian distributes Qt as part of main.  It's just that wouldn't be
legal for Debian to do so until the conflicts between the Qt and the
KDE licenses were resolved.

And, oddly enough, I think that this matches the current situation.


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