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Re: GNU License and Computer Break Ins

On 15-May-00, 05:11 (CDT), Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> wrote: 
> Scripsit Mike Bilow <mikebw@colossus.bilow.com>
> > I think there's a fundamental misunderstanding here.
> I think there's a troll here.

Huh? Mike's note was a very well-written explanation (much better than
my attempts) of why Paul's arguments don't apply.

Or do you mean Paul is trolling? That was my initial reaction, but
towards the end of one of his notes he wrote something like "normally
I would drop this as an extreme reading, but RMS has made some other
statements that seem to imply this extreme reading." And RMS has. On
the other hand, as Jutta pointed out, RMS has made statements that
explicitly contradict the extreme reading, so I have to go with those,
and Paul seemed to accept that as well. 


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