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Re: AT&T source code agreement

> It requires that you share the source code *with whomever you give
> binaries to*. It does not require you to share the source code with
> A just because you give binaries to B. (However, if B wants to share
> the source code with A you have to accept that).
> -- 
> Henning Makholm

You are at a severe disadvantage in this discussion, because, as
you say, "I have not read the actual license in question recently." 

Please read the license.  Note the definition of "patch" (2.g), the
definition of "derived product" (2.e) and the clause regarding
the sharing of patches (4.2).

The right to redistribute derived products from modified code is
granted in 3.1.a.iv which says nothing about releasing patches.

If I have misread something, I'd appreciate being corrected.
Otherwise, what you've said about the AT&T license is simply not true.


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