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Re: [GPL] No linking with proprietary programs: where?

On Tuesday 14 March 2000, at 23 h 6, the keyboard of Fabien Ninoles 
<fabien@Nightbird.TZoNE.ORG> wrote:

> a good example. IMHO, even if I consider such a client not free (because
> it depends on a non-free server), the client itself is considered DFSG
> compliant.

In this specific case, I was mostly interested by the GPL (is it legal or is 
it a violation of the GPL) and not by the DFSG.

> making a library link is close enough to be considered a true dependance
> but every other communication link are simply fair use of the program.

OK, but I've not found this distinction, this line you draw, in the GPL.
> This lead to some problem where you can use a GPL library if you put
> a GPL scripting interface over it and use the script interface in a
> non-GPL program. 
> which let you say that such a
> program is free if it achieve all its functionalities without
> depending on any non-free components. 

Bad criteria, since it depends on a third party.

Let's assume I write a not-GPL-compatible interface whose sole purpose is to run a program. It popens a GPL program. It is illegal. Now, someone else, unrelated with me, write a command-line-compatible non-GPL program and suddenly my interface is legal?

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