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vnterm3.3 Copyright

I'm interested in including the vnterm program in Debian and since I'm a bit
unsure whether this copyright complies with the DFSG I'd like for all
parties to look at it, and tell me what you think.

TriChlor Copyright Policy

All TriChlor software products are copyrighted by individual authors and the
TriChlor Group, respectively. All rights reserved. You may copy, distribute,
and use the software for any purpose, as long as you do not charge a fee for
doing so, and include this copyright notice. Commercial or corporation usage
or distribution requires prior consent from us. All software is provided "as
is", without express or implied warranty.

All software is generally provided free of charge as copyrighted freeware
(that means you can have it for free and make as many copies for as many
friends as you like, but we reserve the copyright in order to prevent
unauthorized modifications and to prevent people from selling it to
unsuspecting users---we want to keep the freeware free).

Under all circumstances individual author's copyright prevails where there
is conflict with TriChlor's.

What I'm particularly confused about are points 1, 3 and 6 due to these
statements, taken out of context of course, "Commericial or corporation
usage or distribution requires prior consent from us", "...to prevent
unauthorized modifications..."

I could find no email address from the original author of the vnterm patch
to xterm nor could I find a copyright file in the tar.Z file on the
media.mit.edu server, so I'm not even sure if this copyright applies. Not to
mention that the vnterm3.3 sources are based on X11R5 and currently don't
compile so would take (I assume) a not-so-small undertaking to even compile,
but I digress.

legal: Is all that's needed is authorization from TriChlor to distribute
this or is something further needed?

TriChlor: Any help at all would be appreciated.

Ashley (Not a Lawyer) Clark
(Please cc: me, as I do not subscribe to debian-legal)

TriChlor Copyright Policy: http://www.trichlor.org/geninfo/copyright.html
DFSG: http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines

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