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Re: [GPL] No linking with proprietary programs: where?

On Tue, Mar 14, 2000 at 10:48:44PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 14, 2000 at 09:38:17PM +0100, Tomasz Wegrzanowski wrote:
> > So why people tend to think that piping is ok, but using .so isn't ?
> There is a quality difference between piping and any sort of linking.

What is this subtle difference ?
Oh, and remember shared memory, and other IPCs between
linking and piping.

> > Or using proprietary kernel is ok, proprietary .so isn't ?
> What do you mean with "using"?

Calling functions that are not contained by your program.
Is (asm:int) so different than (asm:call) for copyright purposes ?

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