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Is this good enough for non-free?

	Hi. I suck at legalese, even with my native language
	and local laws. This is not free in any case, but can
	it be included in non-free? Please Cc: me, I'm not


The copyright and all other rights related to this computer software, in
whatever form, including but not limited to the source code, the object
code and the documentation, are vested in CERN.

CERN, on a royalty-free and non-exclusive basis, herewith grants
permission to use, copy, modify, translate, display and make available
by any method (hereafter collectively and separately referred to as
"use") this version of this computer software, subject to the
following conditions:

(1) This computer software is provided on an as-is basis and CERN
provides no express or implied warranties of any kind, including but not
limited to those of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose
and non-infringement of the proprietary rights, such as copyrights,
patents and trade secrets, of third parties. CERN accepts no liability
whatsoever for or in connection with the use of this computer software;

(2) Any use of this computer software for "commercial use" is forbidden
without prior written authorization by CERN. The term "commercial use"
includes, but is not limited to, the use of the software within a
business or government organization, and any use to provide a service,
for gain, to third parties;

(3) If this computer software or parts thereof are modified or extended,
the computer software thus created must be made publicly available, on a
royalty-free and non-exclusive basis, for non-commercial use. The
following short acknowledgement only must be mentioned in the copyright
statement and in the user documentation (or, in the absence thereof, in
any other appropriate place) related to the computer software thus
created: "This product includes computer software created and made
available by CERN.";

(4) All the terms of this copyright statement may be changed by CERN in
future versions of this computer software;

(5) All copies made of this computer software or of parts thereof shall
include this copyright statement in full.

CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, has its headquarters
in Geneva. For more information, check the web at http://www.cern.ch.

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