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Re: [Fwd: license for iozone]

bug1 <bug1@netconnect.com.au> quotes an email from an upstream author

> There is no license requirement. The only thing that Iozone requires
> is that the code maintain the information about the authors and
> contributors. Yep, it is free and may be re-distributed for
> free. The copyright is intended to prevent someone from creating a
> commercial package by just taking the code and then selling it.

This is not completely self-consistent. First, "the only" requirement
is that the author is credited. That is fine, but then he goes on to
say that he wants to prevent commercial redistribution.

For the license to be DFSG-free it has to allow redistribution for
free *as well as* redistribution for money.

> I would love to see it become distributed with debian, Redhat, Suse,
> as well as other Unix variants.

And, to be DFSG-free, he would have to at least tolerate that someone
ports his software to Windows or other non-unices.

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