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[Fwd: license for iozone]

Forwarded is the email i recieved regarding izone licensing
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There is no license requirement. The only thing that Iozone requires is that
code maintain the information about the authors and contributors. Yep, it is
free and may be re-distributed for free. The copyright is intended to
prevent someone
from creating a commercial package by just taking the code and then selling

I would love to see it become distributed with debian, Redhat, Suse, as well
as other
Unix variants.  I have been working on getting it distributed with HP-UX,
Redhat and others.

I am biased as I have been working on Iozone for many years but in my
opinion it
is a far better tool than Bonnie or Bonnie++.  The list of features in
Iozone is almost
longer than the source code for Bonnie :-)

Don Capps

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From: "bug1" <bug1@netconnect.com.au>
To: <capps@technologist.com>
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2000 10:09 AM
Subject: license for iozone

> I dont see mention of a license for iozone, it appears to be freely
> available.
> Im wondering if would be apropriate for packaging with a linux
> distribution like debian.
> What restrictions does iozone have on distribution ?
> >From the web page iozone looks like a pretty good program, the only
> benchmark program debian has are bonnie and bonnie++, would be great if
> it had another one.
> I would have a go at packaging up if you consider it apropriate
> Thanks
> Glenn McGrath

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