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Re: Was Re: KDE not in Debian?

On Jan 30, Andreas Pour wrote:
> > [Personally, I think if you wrote the software yourself and link it
> > against Qt, it's pretty obvious from a legal standpoint that you
> > accept people linking it against Qt.
> I think so too.  So why not just exclude kgv and kfloppy and distribute the
> rest?

Because I'm not part of the Cabal (TINC).

Seriously, it's the contrast between a meritless lawsuit and no
lawsuit at all.  Meritless lawsuits are expensive; we'll get back to
you after we IPO.  Ask the css-auth victims...

(I guess I'm missing the reason why it's so hard to get people to
explicitly say "you can link this against Qt"; that apparently would
satisfy the FTP maintainers and let KDE 1 into contrib [and KDE 2 into

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