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Is this license DFSG compliant?

Hi all,

I can not determine whether this license is DFSG compliant or not,
and i do not agree with opinions expressed on comp.text.tex about my

So could someone confirm this is DFSG compliant, as claimed by the LaTeX
Team ?
I put `->' marks in front of the 3 lines causing trouble.

Thanks for your light.

%% Package `multicol' to use with LaTeX2e
%% Copyright 1989-1999 Frank Mittelbach
%%  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
%%  modify it under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License
%%  Distributed from CTAN archives in directory latex/base/lppl.txt
%%  either version 1.00 of the License,
%%  or (at your option) any later version.
%%  In addition to the terms of LPPL any distributed version
%%  (unchanged or modified) of multicol has to keep the statement
->%%  about the moral obligation for using multicol. In case of major
->%%  changes where this would not be appropriate the author of the
->%%  changed version should contact the copyright holder.
%%  Moral obligation for using multicol:
%%  ------------------------------------
%%  Users of multicol who wish to include multicol or a modified
%%  version in a proprietary and commercially market product are asked
%%  under certain conditions (see below) for the payment of a license
%%  fee.  The size of this fee is to be determined, in each instance,
%%  by the commercial user, depending on his/her judgment of the value of
%%  multicol for his/her product.
%%  The conditions for this are as follows:
%%   The producer of a proprietary and commercially market product that
%%   involves typesetting using multicol is asked to determine the
%%   value of a license fee if
%%   - the producer has developed the document and decided to include
%%     multicol
%%    - the producer has not developed the document (ie has received it
%%      from somebody else) but has directed the author to include multicol
%%      (for example, by providing a class file to be used by the author)
%%   There is no moral obligation in case
%%   - the producer has not developed the document and not has directed
%%     the author to include multicol (in that case the moral obligation
%%     lies with the author of the document)
%%   - the commercial product does not involve typesetting, e.g.,
%%     consists, for example, of distributing multicol and its
%%     documentation.
%%   - multicol is used for non-commercial purposes
%%   - the developed document is not proprietary, i.e., is made
%%     available as free software itself (which doesn't prohibit its
%%     commercial marketing)
%% Determinating a license fee might result in a license fee of zero
%% (i.e., no payment) in case a producer has determined that the use
%% of multicol has no enhancing effect on the product. This is a
%% plausible scenario, i.e., in the above two cases the producer is
%% only asked to evaluate the value of multicol for the product
%% not for the payment of a license fee per se (which might or might
%% not follow from this evaluation).
%% The license fee, if any, can be payed either to the LaTeX3 fund
%% (see ltx3info.txt in the base LaTeX distribution) or to the author of
%% the program who can be contacted at
%%     Frank.Mittelbach@latex-project.org


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