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Re: Free World Licence possible improved structure.

On Sat, Jan 15, 2000 at 01:51:26AM +1030, Ross N. Williams wrote:
> Marc and others,
> I've had an idea for a new Free World Licence structure.
>    You may not copy the Module onto a non-free platform.
>    However, as an exception, you may copy the Module onto a
>    non-free platform for the purpose of transmitting the
>    Module to a free platform or for browsing the source code,
>    provided that you do not execute the Module on the non-free
>    platform, and provided that you take reasonable steps to
>    ensure that the Module is not executed on the non-free
>    platform.

* I have free and non-free OSes on the same computer
* I install software under this license when free OS is running
* I reboot to non-free OS, mount free partition and run the software.

It will be easy and legal to use such software on non-free platform
by simply instaling it on free alternative OS because :

	Reboot and mounting are not copying for copyright law.

And more :
both OSes could be on the same partition
one of OSes could be run via VMWare or something similar

And to not run such code under non-free OS, one might run
it under free OS under machine emulator, quite slower,
but possibly legal (not sure if it will work)


By defining platform better,
but Im still not sure if there is any working definition
definition will have to solve situations like :
* microkernels vs. machine emulators (it should not prohibit running under microkernel)
* multiple OSes running simultaniously (under microkernel or machine emulator)
* instaling non-free OS to machine containing only free one during instalation
  of your code

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