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Re: trn license

Scripsit Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl>

> > [ I contacted Stan Barber, Wayne Davison and Larry Wall to ask for
> > clarification of this.  Stan Barber replied:
> >     This intent of the copyright is not to INCREASE the cost of a
> >     CD-ROM distribution just because *rn was added. Put another way, if
> >     you had a CD-ROM at $100 and added *rn and changed the cost to $110
> >     just because you added *rn, that would violate the intent of the
> >     copyright.
> >   and Wayne Davison agreed.  -- Ian Jackson, former trn maintainer ]

> -- The "clarification" seems to contradict the sentence it clarifies;

Yes, but even if we take the clarification at face value, I doubt it
should be considered free. It essentially says "you must not distribute
this software if it is what pushes your distribution from needing n to
n+1 disks/floppies/tapes/carrier pigeons". It also seems to forbid an
ISP from mirroring a distribution with the program in it, if said ISP
charges its customers per byte transferred.

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