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Re: PINE Clone

Quoting Jeff Bailey:
> I'm not a pine user (elm, switched to mutt a couple years ago), so I
> have no real information on it - But I may as well do it right if
> I'm doing an MTA anyway.

	PINE has a distinctive system of menus for folders and such.
It uses 2-d lists of files that you can navigate with the arrow keys.
It's a complete user interface, really, complete with a built-in
editor (For example, mailers that use an external editor require you
to save and exit from the editor and then confirm sending from the
mailer--PINE just uses ^X to send the message straight from the

	I haven't used PINE in years (as a matter of fact, one of the
early versions was the first Unix app I ever used), but it really is
well-done for newbies.

	PINE also reads news and does HTML rendering/browsing.

	It may be worthwhile to grab the latest non-free PINE and poke
around with it on a test box in order to fully grok it and emulate it.
After all, it's for a Good Cause!

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