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Re: freedomization task list [was: Re: Dangerous precedent being

Jeff Teunissen <deek@dusknet.dhis.net> writes:

> Exactly -- which is the same thing. Once you have received a copy, you
> may copy it again under the same terms, and so can the people who
> received it from you.

Yes. If I give THE VERY COPY that the promise was attached to away,
the promise may still be attached to it. If I give you a copy that
I made myself and keep the one with the promise attached to it, the
copy you get apparently have no promise attached to it unless the
copyright owner still wishes to supply it with one.

> Also, other copies that are identical obviously must have been released
> in the same way; otherwise, they would not be identical.


> In this case, there's no difference. Existing legal practice attaches the
> permission of use to individual copies, true, but all copies have the
> same permissions

Not copies that are made after the author decided to stop adding the
permission to new copies.

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