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Re: webmin license

debian-legal mailing list CC-ed.

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Jamie Cameron wrote:

> Gergely Madarasz wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I've written to you several months ago about the webmin licensing... I see
> > that (one of the) problems have been solved, that it is under a free
> > licence now. But I still have a concern about this, before I can package
> > it for debian: the text of the license can't be found anywhere. The only
> > place I've seen anything about the license is the introduction page on the
> > website. It would be nice if the actual text of the BSD license was
> > included in the package itself in a file named LICENSE or something like
> > that.
> Good point .. I've updated the website to be a bit clearer on the licence.
> Basically, under Linux webmin can be freely distributed and modified for
> commercial and non-commercial purposes. So there is no problem with it
> being packaged for inclusion in debian ..

(A note for debian-legal members, all the information which can be found
about webmin licensing is on the website, pasted here:

                   What licence is Webmin distributed under?

   Following the acquisition of Webmin by Caldera, all past and future
   versions of Webmin on Linux are available under the BSD licence. This
   means that on the Linux platform, Webmin may be freely distributed and
   modified for commercial and non-commercial use.

   On non-Linux platforms, Webmin is also freely distributable for
   non-commercial use. However, if you want to include it in a non-Linux
   based commercial product, contact me about licencing.

I just read your clarification on your website, and it doesn't really make
sense to me. If you release webmin under a BSD licence, you cannot say
that this applies only on linux... so this would mean that this is a BSD
licence + an operating system clause, which actually makes webmin non-free
by Debian Free Software Guidelines, read

Our users can expect that any software contained in the main debian
distribution can be used, modified, ported to any other system, including
other operating systems. We have software which don't qualify into debian
main distribution because the licence is GPL but with a special clause: 
can't be used on microsoft operating systems.

So I'd like to see a complete licence text which applies to webmin.

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