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Re: [cle-devel] Re: fonts and patents

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Richard Stallman wrote:

> more important reason.  We started this project with idealism for
> freedom and cooperation; the GNU operating system is our idealism,
> made real.  Users should know this!  Users should know that idealism
> can be practical, sometimes more practical than anything else.  If
> users know where the system really comes from, they will understand
> this.
I totally agree this point of view. In my point of view, what we extend is
really a 'Linux' system and the spirit of Linux is just the same one as
GNU. Unfortunely, most Linux user don't what what they are using and why
they shoud use it. They use Linux jusy because Linux is newest, hotest and
coolest thing in the world. Give CLE a new name will illustrate the spirit
inside Linux and GNU system. 

GNU system is hotter and hotter everyday. However, if we can not spread
the spirit of it all the world, it's not worth our efforts.

Therefore, I think it's worth changeing the name of CLE to another one
which can illustrate the spirit of Linux/GNU system. 

Yu-Chung Wang

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