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Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation of the GPL

On 7 Dec 99, at 23:10, Richard Makin wrote:

> It's an interesting situation, because in countries like Poland you are
> explicitly granted with the right to deasemble the program, even if ELA
> states the opposite - the Polish law overrules it.

I am a Czech lawyer (Czech republic is neighbor to Poland) working 
in IS/IT law, so I know very exactly, that what Richard has written is 
less than full truth. According to the EU directives (and subsequnetly 
many Easter European legal provisions) user is allowed to 
dissasemlbe program, but _only_ for making connectivity with other 
programs and unless he is not able to get information from other 
sources. Therefore, he is mostly out of luck, because in tons of 
documentation you have very often (I am talking about serious
:-) stuff like SAP, Oracle etc. -- not M$ crap) all possible 
documentation on connectivity included (mainly because of this EU 
directive, BTW).

				Have a nice day


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