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Re: picasm license

Tomasz Wegrzanowski <maniek@beer.com> writes:

> What is wrong with picasm license ?

There is none, according to the package search engine on
www.debian.org... Hm, it currently it does not seem to know
any copyright files at all. Hard to hold that against an
individual package.

OK, then digging out the 5-line license statement from the source

|        Copyright 1995-1996 by Timo Rossi
|  Freely distributable for non-commercial use (basically,
|  don't sell this program without my permission. You can
|  use it for developing commercial PIC applications, but
|  of course I am not responsible for any damages caused by
|  this assembler generating bad code or anything like that)

It does not allow selling copies of the program. It does not allow
commercial use. It does not allow modified version.

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