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Re: Bruce Perens's Slashdot debacle

On Dec 04, Frank Copeland wrote:
> Chris Lawrence wrote:
> >On Dec 03, Frank Copeland wrote:
> >> Robert Merkel wrote:
> >> > > Like it or not, debian is an open project.
> >> >
> >> >In the conventional media, if the news doesn't come from a press
> >> >release it's standard procedure for the person or organisation
> >> >concerned to have the opportunity to comment before the story is
> >> >published.  
> >> 
> >> Slashdot ain't the media, conventional or otherwise. Nobody published a
> >> story.
> >
> >This isn't a story?
> >
> >http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=99/11/26/1450245&mode=thread
> Nope. It's someone starting a thread in a discussion group by forwarding a
> message from another discussion group. It happens all the time in newsgroups
> and mailing lists. Characterising Slashdot as "the media" and trying to put
> the blame on them for not applying irrelevant journalistic standards is an
> exercise in messenger-assassination.

Yes, but the top level of Slashdot isn't a "thread"; it's an article.
And it is moderated, because only certain people can approve stories
for the front page.

This isn't the first time /. has gone off half-cocked, turning five
lines of text into a flamefest.  The people there need to start
exercising some quality control on what they post, instead of jumping
on the first message in a thread in a mailing list.

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