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Re: Bruce Perens's Slashdot debacle

Chris Lawrence wrote:
>On Dec 03, Frank Copeland wrote:
>> Robert Merkel wrote:
>> > > Like it or not, debian is an open project.
>> >
>> >In the conventional media, if the news doesn't come from a press
>> >release it's standard procedure for the person or organisation
>> >concerned to have the opportunity to comment before the story is
>> >published.  
>> Slashdot ain't the media, conventional or otherwise. Nobody published a
>> story.
>This isn't a story?

Nope. It's someone starting a thread in a discussion group by forwarding a
message from another discussion group. It happens all the time in newsgroups
and mailing lists. Characterising Slashdot as "the media" and trying to put
the blame on them for not applying irrelevant journalistic standards is an
exercise in messenger-assassination.


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