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Re: Dristributions around Debian

Jérôme Marant wrote:
> Imagine that I take the latest stable debian distribution as it
> is and that I decide to improve it with modifying boot floppies,
> adding new install procedures and creating new tools (for instance 
> administration tools). Everything developed DFSG-compliant of course and all 
> developments offered to the debian project ...
> My question is simple: can I spread It with calling it
> <Something> Debian GNU/Linux",  for instance Super Debian GNU/Linux
> (stupid example but it shows the idea)

I beleive so.

> What are the legal restrictions about it ? Are there possible compromizes ? 
> What am I and what am I not allowed to do with
> the name "debian" ?

You are not allowed to call anything "Official Debian" unless it is the
exact ISO images we distribute with that name.

You are not allowed to abuse the word "Debian" in ways the debian project
dislikes -- as it is a trademark of the Debian project. That's open ended,
but it's unlikely the Debian project would object to any thing except things
that would be harful to the project in some way.

Other than that, you should be able to use "Debian" however you like. There
is no problem with people using "Debian" in the names of products based on
Debian (for example, see "Essential Debian").

see shy jo

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