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Re: Corel Lawsuit


Strange that you see this `End User License Agrrement' page if
youclick on their own download page, but if if you click on the
middle icon to take you to ftp://ftp.linuxberg.com/pub/distributions/Corel/ 
or the left button to CNET download.

They are clueless, but are you serious about a lawsuit?
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Bruce Perens wrote:

> It's time for us to bring suit against Corel for this "can't download unless
> you're 18" stuff. That's not in our license and they know it. I've tried to
> help them several times, and they continue to be 100% clueless. I think at
> this point they are not representing Debian well, and should not distribute
> it. I'm not going to help them any longer.
> 	Bruce Perens
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