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Re: is this free?

bruce@perens.com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> Regarding the "monitor the web site" thing, I can't think of another good
> way for them to notify you if there's a claim,

They don't have to.

They could simply say: To the best of our present knowledge we have
the only  copyright to this software. We can't absolutely guarantee
that, however, and kindly ask you to remember that this license ouly
give you OUR permission to copy the software. If a third party can
demonstrate a copyright claim on the software, you'll need HIS
permission to copy in addition to ours.

Then they wouldn't need to revoke anything, and that is IMO the only
free approach to that kind of eventualities.

Henning Makholm          "*Tak* for de ord. *Nu* vinker nobelprisen forude."

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