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Re: is this free?

> And in any case, whichever of obliation 2a and 2b you choose to fulfill,
> it requires notifying AT&T

This is also in the APSL and IBM licenses. What was considered non-free
were the ones that required you to send them email on _every_ modification,
that was judged to be too great a hardship and this was the compromise.

> The first point in GENERAL, is unreasonable: ``if you ever use this
> software, you aren't allowed to ever sue us for any piece of your IP we
> may have used if it's in this software''.

Also in the Mozilla public license.

> The sixth point in GENERAL seems like it would discriminate against everyone
> not living in New York, USA, personally.

Also in just about every license ever written anywhere. QPL, MPL, NPL, IBM,

Regarding the "monitor the web site" thing, I can't think of another good
way for them to notify you if there's a claim, unless they demand you name
and address. The IBM and APSL licenses also address claims, although they
don't seem to provide any good way of communicating information about claims.





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