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Re: is this free?

From: Seth David Schoen <schoen@loyalty.org>
> The OSI does worry about export restrictions as license conditions; that
> was a problem with the original Apple Public Source License.  There is
> still some controversy about that license, but the OSI got Apple to remove
> the export-restriction language from the license entirely.

The problem with the APSL export language was that it broadened the scope
of U.S. law to cover other countries, etc. The ATT language does not. It
says you assure ATT you won't violate U.S. export laws. This:

1. Lets ATT off the hook if you do - very important.
2. Only applies if you violate U.S. laws in their scope. If you export the
   software from Europe, it's not a violation.

There's no cryptography in there, anyway.



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