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Re: Bug#47845: libdbd-pg-perl nonfree?

On Wed, Oct 20, 1999 at 12:05:32AM -0400, Brian Ristuccia wrote:
> Package: libdbd-pg-perl
> Version: 0.92-1
> >From the manual page:
>        The DBD::Pg module is free software.  You may distribute under
>        the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the
>        Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file, with
>        the exception that it cannot be placed on a CD-ROM or similar
>        media for commercial distribution without the prior approval of
>        the author.

I dealt with this program's license once a few months ago.  I don't
remember every detail (including the relevant versions), but the license
that came with the program changed from a free one to one that
prohibited some form of commercial use.  I emailed the author and he
expressed his intention that the program be free, explained that the
offending language was copied from another source (some DBI example
code, I think), and said he would change the license to make it free (I
think the license he copied was changed, too).

I downloaded the current DBD::Pg distribution (.93).  In several
locations, including the README and the top of source files, the license
expressed is free.  So, I expect the license in the man page is an

I'm sure that the author will gladly work this out favorably.


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