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Re: jdk1.1 license changes

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:
    Marcus> The Hurd will be able to run Linux binaries, not by
    Marcus> emulation, simply by running them (only direct use of
    Marcus> kernel syscalls need emulation). As Linux is not a defined
    Marcus> term, referring to it does not make any sense anyway.
    Marcus> Debian GNU/Linux is defined, though, which means that we
    Marcus> have to be careful not to include any parts of jdk in the
    Marcus> Hurd ports. Are some of them in binary-all? In this case,
    Marcus> we have a problem.

Right now the package is Arch: i386 'cause the source package has
precompiled binaries in it so you're OK.

I will rework this to something other than "Debian GNU/Linux
distribution" if someone can give me a better wording.

    Marcus> But doesn't this mean that, because clause 2. is referring
    Marcus> to 1.2 of the non-commercial license, and clause 1.2 is
    Marcus> referring to clause 1.1, the terms in the non-commercial
    Marcus> license apply to the license arramgement made for Debian? 
    Marcus> In this case, my question is still of relevance. For
    Marcus> software in non-free, we can't make any export
    Marcus> guarantees. Not even non-us fits the bill.

Section 2 in the additional licence refers to section 1.2 in the
source licence to provide a basis for my legally granting Debian the
right to redistribute.  The internal source licence defines my
rights, as granted by Sun.

[Time passes...]

Oh *&%^%$*(&)&^$$%.  Sun have reworked their download facility: it now
includes a registration process (it did not used to) so they can check
who's downloading the software.  When they didn't have such a check I
was comfortable with our not having one either, Sun being a much
bigger legal target.

I've raised this with the Blackdown team: if I can't get a
satisfactory answer then there will be no JDK1.[12] in Debian. Period.


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