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Re: GCC M3 frontend (was Re: Corel's apt frontend)

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> As I understand it, DEC SRC (now part of Compaq of course) released a
> Modula-3 frontend which uses GCC as a backend, with some kind of funny
> licence.

The backend (which I found at
) is not pure GCC; they add (=link) in an m3.c which begins with

/* Copyright (C) 1993, Digital Equipment Corporation                         */
/* All rights reserved.                                                      */
/* See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.                            */

where COPYRIGHT contains the funny license Ian quoted.

The rest of the object files for that particular executable are
GPLed with FSF's standard copyright blurb. Apparently they are
from GCC 2.6.3 - there are small changes but no prominent notices
stating the date of change in the changed files.

The whole thing looks like a face-on violation of GPL 2(a,b).

Probably similar abominations have happened to the debugger
distributed as m3gdb.tar.gz in the same ftp directory.

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