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SNNS: does it really belong into non-free?

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I'm planning to take over the SNNS packages from debian-qa which has
been moved to non-free due to bug #6968 in 1997. This bug report seems
to have vanished from the archives. I'm cc'ing this to Karl Sacket,
who did the move and Martin "Joey" Schulze, with whom I discussed the
issue (we happen to live in the same city).

I don't include the full license it's available at

According to Joey the offending section is:

 4. If you distribute copies of SNNS you may not charge anything
    except the cost for the media and a fair estimate of the costs of
    computer time or network time directly attributable to the

In my understanding this doesn't say anything about charging for
derived work not even about charging for installation nor charging for
anything bundled with SNNS on the same media, but I am no US lawyer.


Siggy Brentrup - bsb@north.de - http://www.north.de/~bsb/

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