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Re: Bug#47438: copyright statement needs updating?

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999 at 22:58, Lars Wirzenius wrote about "Bug#47438:...":

> 	Copyright 1996-1999 Ian Jackson, Christian Schwarz, X, Y, Z
> where X, Y, and Z are additional people who have written enough text
> included in the policy manual that they can claim a copyright for their
> part. That is:

Anybody who has written even the smallest part can claim a copyright for
their part. (And I'm not talking about changing somebody else's text)

> 	- lose the (c) since it is not a valid substitute the copyright
> 	  symbol  (it's common, but not really valid; on the other hand,
> 	  the word "Copyright" is enough on it's own)

Adding the words "All Rights Reserved." after the whole "Copyright"
statement is important as well.

> 	- add people by name, since this is much simpler than assigning
> 	  copyrights to an organization and also gives "gift society
> 	  credit points" directly to those who deserve them; a mailing
> 	  list is not a legal entity and can't own a copyright

Agreed, but it might not be possible to add everybody who has actually
contributed to the policy.

And why isn't the legal list included on this discussion? (I just added

In addition, I think this whole thing is a little ridiculous. Either
Debian is free or it is not. Giving a selected few copy rights means they
have control. It should be given, if at all, to Software in the Public
Interest (as somebody already mentioned) in order to protect it being free
-- and nothing more than that.

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