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RE: Bug#40937: omniorb: Freeness?

>>    However, we recently realized that the following licensing terms
>>    were present in the IDL compiler, which contains some SUN Microsystems
>>    code:
>Is the IDL compiler a separate part of the OmniORB and TAO packages, or do
>they contain GPL-ed changes for it? (If it's the latter, I think it's the
>same regrettable situation as KDE, i.e. not redistributable in binary form)
I'm afraid that it is the case -- I hadn't thought it through before, but
are correct.  What are our redistribution options in this case?  Can it be
distributed as a source + diff type of thing?  Or are we prohibited from 
even having anything to do with it?

> Please use separate source packages for the free and non-free 
> parts then.
Sounds like the best solution.  I'll go ahead and do so with their
new 2.8.0 release (in a few days).


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