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Re: SUMMARY: Freeness of Java: decision needs to be taken

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> On Friday 2 July 1999, at 18 h 4, the keyboard of bruce@perens.com wrote:
> > > Jikes belongs to IBM, so they'll may be change their licence
> >
> > This is quite likely.
> I don't know if they did. Let's wait the opinion of the Jikes maintainer. And,
> as Nicolas reminded us, Jikes depends (really depends) on JDK's classes, so
> even if IBM changes the licence, Jikes will go to contrib and brings all the
> Java programs of Debian with it :-(

Locally, I use Jikes with Kaffe.,  There is no non-free java on my
machine.  No , not even the JDK - jikes runs fine with Kaffe for my -
admittedly small - programs.

> > > So, should we move *every* Java package to 'contrib'?
> >
> > If IBM doesn't re-license Jikes.
> I've update the proposed Java policy in that respect. Almost all of the Java stuff shuld go into contrib (because most of them fail to compile with guavac or to run with kaffe) and I'll fill in bug reports for that.

Stephane, could you fix your line lengths please?


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