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Re: IBM Public Source License

Raul Miller <moth@magenta.com> writes:
> Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> wrote:

> > As I read the GPL (section 2, b) it requires that the *entire source*
> > for binaries you distibute must itself be distributed under GPL; so
> > the license will only be GPL compatible if it allows the source code
> > to be redistributed under GPL.

> > The clause that is discussed above only applies to binary
> > redistributions of IBM's software.

> Given that we're talking about a hypothetical license which removes the
> restrictions imposed by that clause, I fail to see the conflict.

My point is that the clause is irrelevant to GPL compatibility.

> The IBM license allows for distribution of modified sources, for example.

Yes, but only under the IBM license. GPL compatibility requires that
modified sources can be distributed under verbatim GPL.

Henning Makholm

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