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does anyone have time for a minor project?

Hello everyone!

I have had some requests from the various lists that I have belong asking me 
to get a /. style news site up that details tech law events, 
legal developments, and interpretations.

I would like to use my domain 'ompages.com' for this.

One problem.  I can't code!  I don't understand perl, etc.

I'm a law student as some of you might know (other don't care but
now you know).  So I can spend a lot of time research topics
and posting news.

I think the time has come for a site that deals specifically with
law and legal implications for tech business, and development.

I would like to do 3 primary things for this.

1. Get my firewall configured right.
2. Get slash configured right and revised (so that it won't look like
a cheap knock-off).  I will anyway, but if there is genuine interest in
this project we can get something more original together.
	2.1. I would like some kind of ssl awareness etc for this.
3. Get a web mail (horde/imp) thingy going that's free and handles
pgp keys. (kind of extravagant but doable w/i the next year).

There are significant legal issues that must be mulled over 
if we can get enough support for an open legal communication model from
the Open Source/FSF/hackers-at-large community we can get more good
lawyers to post opinion pieces and analyses (non-legalese versions),
and HOWTOs.  

I will handle a majority of the content work if 1 or 2 people would
be willing to either get the slash code working for our purposes
or show me how to do it, and get the network sufficiently secure.

Any takers?

NatePuri ("natedawg")		o m p a g e s . c o m 
Certified Law Student  		p e r c r v t i o f i
McGeorge School of Law 		e d i c a e a n m   n
Sacramento, CA			n i v e t r y   m   d
publisher@ompages.com  		  a a s e y s t u   s
n8fs0n@softcom.net		    t s d o   h n
http://www.ompages.com		    e     n   i i
					  e   s t

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