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Re: ITP: xengine

On Mon, 31 May 1999, Kenshi Muto wrote:

> License: == from README ==
>         Author: Kazuhiko Shutoh
>         Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute without charge this
>         software, documentation, images, etc. is granted, provided that this 
>         comment and the author's name is retained.  The author assumes no 
>         responsibility for lost sleep as a consequence of use of this software.
> P.S.
> This package is moved from Debian-JP, so the version starts 1.10-4.

Since redistribution is allowed without charge only, this will have to go
into non-free, IMHO.

You can ask the author to change the wording from 'without charge' to
'with or without charge'. If he does, it will be OK for main.

Cc:'ed to debian-devel. Please continue this discussion on that list.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, so I may be wrong.

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