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Bug#38641: afio: copyright seems to violate debian-policy

  mummert> Package: afio 
  mummert> Version: 2.4.5-1
  mummert> The /usr/doc/afio/copyright prohibits the sale of afio for a
  mummert> profit; this seems to violate the debian policy documents wrt a
  mummert> package in the main section of the distribution.  

Not quite. The actual quote is below:

    * afio.c
    * Manipulate archives and files.
    * Copyright (c) 1985 Lachman Associates, Inc.
    * This software was written by Mark Brukhartz at Lachman Associates,
    * Inc.. It may be distributed within the following restrictions:
    *	(1) It may not be sold at a profit.
    *	(2) This credit and notice must remain intact.
    * This software may be distributed with other software by a commercial
    * vendor, provided that it is included at no additional charge.

  mummert> Perhaps afio should go into non-free?

I think we are fine. IIRC the "at no additional charge" clause is also used
with other packages. I will cc this to debian-legal to be sure. 

Would someone on debian-legal care to comment ?

  mummert> I am running slink, but the potato version has the same copyright
  mummert> (I checked).

Sure. As shown above, the copyright actually dates back to '85. Afio doesn't
change that quickly anymore ...

Regards, Dirk

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