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Re: (Fwd) Re: [awansink@ke.com.au: Re: Isn't a kde version of abiw

On Fri, May 28, 1999 at 08:30:58AM -0400, Navindra Umanee wrote:
> > Please don't assume what people claim is political agenda is in fact
> > political.  Qt is nicely free now, I'm quite proud of the license (I
> > should be, considering it's my license)  Doesn't mean the GPL likes it.  
> Well, did you see the way this whole thread started?  Some dweeb with
> a Debian email address forwarded private email from a private
> conversation to the list with a note like "This one is good for a
> laugh."  It's also become clear that he didn't even have all the facts
> of the matter.

A great number of people don't have all the facts of the matter.  There's
no real simple way to say it (oh sure I'm great at blatant self-promotion
but this one isn't my usual style) however I am probably one of very few
people who actually DO have all the facts of the matter.  Not just about
what Debian did and why, but about what went in to the QPL and how it got
there, future plans, etc, etc..

Anybody else could have known by now everything I do about this mess
(there's no other way to describe it), but nobody has chosen to that I
know of.

> Btw, I think Debian should have very little say in the matter seeing
> that they don't even distribute kdelibs/kdebase making the whole
> matter of kabiword rather moot for them.

Debian has as much say as I do:  exactly as much as anyone actually
involved is willing to hear.  However the issues raised by Debian people
are valid issues and they won't go away with accusations that Debian is
following a political agenda.

I assure you, I can count the people within who have verbally tried to
push their own personal political agenda against KDE on one hand.  Of
course there are probably more who agree silently, and more who disagree
silently.  But in the end KDE was removed for legal problems and somehow
I've ended up trying to fix them.  This will certainly be called into
evidence at any hearing held to determine my sanity, and yet I do it

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