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Re: [awansink@ke.com.au: Re: Isn't a kde version of abiword illegal?]

On May 28, Andrew Wansink wrote:
> Well, it just so happens that I have permission from abisource, I 
> have had it all along actually.

[Unjustified #?@! removed]

If you had the permission all along, why on earth are we having this

Having said that, to include a Qt/KDE-enhanced/hacked Abiword in
Debian, the copyright file must include an explicit statement from
*all* Abiword copyright holders that the Abiword code may be linked
against Qt (or Qt2 or anything else with a non-GPL-compatible
license).  If Abiword is being cooperatively developed [as I believe
it is], securing this permission is more complicated than simply
asking AbiSource (you have to ask everyone who has submitted code to
the project who has not assigned the rights to that code to

Of course IANAL.

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