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Re: Interesting Licensing Issue -- Crafty

Jonathan P Tomer wrote:
> > Again assuming an otherwise Debian free license, can Prof. Hyatt add
> > a restriction that all chess tournaments entries based upon his
> > original source be clearly labeled and entered as "Crafty" or "a
> > Crafty clone" and still be Debian free.
> he can certainly require a statement that it is based on his work; in
> fact nearly all free licences, the gpl included, require the original
> copyright notice to be preserved and the gpl even requires the
> interactive start of the program to declare copyright information. he
> can require methinks "if the program generates output of any kind it
> must include prominently within its output a statement that this
> program is based on my work" whilst remaining dfsg-free (although
> potentially less useful for chess tournaments of any kind, if they
> require strict output from chess programs and don't allow comments),
> and he can definitely require to appear in "all supporting
> documentation" (again the gpl does this).

Thanks.  I will forward this and see what his reaction is.

Paul Serice

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