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Re: Interesting Licensing Issue -- Crafty

> Again assuming an otherwise Debian free license, can Prof. Hyatt add a
> restriction that all chess tournaments entries based upon his original
> source be clearly labeled and entered as "Crafty" or "a Crafty clone"
> and still be Debian free.

he can certainly require a statement that it is based on his work; in fact
nearly all free licences, the gpl included, require the original copyright
notice to be preserved and the gpl even requires the interactive start of
the program to declare copyright information. he can require methinks "if
the program generates output of any kind it must include prominently within
its output a statement that this program is based on my work" whilst
remaining dfsg-free (although potentially less useful for chess tournaments
of any kind, if they require strict output from chess programs and don't
allow comments), and he can definitely require to appear in "all supporting
documentation" (again the gpl does this).

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